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BLACK CAPRICORN - SOLSTICE Ep PsykoSonic exclusive in agreement with Black Capricorn (DHU Records)

Product code: PS086

Lp Limited Edition Splatter White/Blue!

Everything started with the idea to try to put in music the mood of the summer and the winter, the expression of the time flow and changes of seasons that for centuries had their peaks with the summer and winter solstice (and equinox too). So we would like to have the feeling listening that songs to say "yes this is the winter!" or "wow this remind me the feeling of the summer" Especially with the songs Winterlude and Sumerian Summer. After publishing through bandcamp in 2019, we' ve decided to add at the vinyl version also 2 songs recorded in 2018 but never been released on any format (Astrodestroyer and Three bride of Satan), so what started as an e.p. became probably a long playing with 40 minute of music.

Fabrizio (Frontman/Lead Guitar of Black Capricorn)