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(HPSB0000149 /Barcode 0745860737702)

" Though many parallels can be drawn between album openers The Flood and Drawing Dead (from Heathens), Beyond Colossal shows a much more aggressive side of Dozer. Comparing in units of pure sweltering rock fury, riffs like the intro to Message Through Horses and Fire For Crows could give any High on Fire riff a run for its money. Maintaining a fine balance, you have an equal amount of songwriting that pays homage to the desert as well, resulting in raw, upbeat, power chord driven portions which have the characteristic Dozer twist to them. Grand Inquisitor, with its simple QOTSA styled melodies and memorable hooks, topped off with an absolutely crushing chorus, is an instant classic and one of my (if not THE) favourite Dozer tracks. Fredrick Nordin makes full use of his vocal cords, ranging from uncannily melodic crooning to the rough and tough ways of typical stoner rock, as and when needed, aligning himself perfectly with the fuzz. Neil Fallon from Clutch is featured on a couple of songs but his presence is hardly felt. Opting to end with a softer track, Bound For Greatness has soulful organs playing host to solemn, whiskey soaked vocal lines, rounded up with minimal guitars. The song just goes to show that Dozer have always had much more facets to them than the one-dimensional stoner rock band."