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Available on Digipack o Limited Edition Splatter Yellow Vinyl 




The pioneers of desert sound on HPS! The Lalli brothers are back with yet another great album, by new with the great Heavy Psych Sounds!
«Yawning Man was the most absurd desert band of all time. It was enough for you to be up there,
in the desert, with everyone else having fun. And they appeared to them, in their van, they pulled out their stuff and mounted it right at the time the sun went down, they activated the generators, a Sometimes they could just sit there and drink beer. Other times it was a sight; other times an intimate atmosphere was still created. It was all very casual and relaxed and while they were they played everyone could just lounge around. They were kind of house
band. They weren't activists like the Black Flag. It was all very altered, confused, it was all very much mystical. People stood there getting high, and they kept playing for hours. Oh, I'm the most Great band I've ever seen - Brant Bjork (2002)