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SAFIR NOU - LIMINAL - 2CD (Seahorse Recordings)

2 CD

Product code: PS0301

'Liminal', the new album by the Safir Nou project, is produced by the label Seahorse Recordings (with distribution by Audioglobe). 'Liminal' succeeds 'Groundless' (the band's first album), and pushes the band's research into multiple fields of knowledge, from psychology to anthropology, via architecture and philosophy.
 - Liminal is divided into two parts, Waves and Sands.

.- Waves narrates the sea as a liminal dimension. It is freely inspired by the novel "Lost Sailors' by Jean Claude Izzo. The sea becomes a ritual, a womb that welcomes a state of complete freedom, but at the same time of abandonment and distance, an aimless interstitial space. aimless interstitial space.Like the waves, the music is built on exchanges of classical guitar, percussion, double bass violin, cello, accordion and electronic sounds. 
- Sands narrates the desert as a liminal dimension. It is inspired by the biographical novel 'The desert has no sky' by Lamin Ceesay, which documents the journey of a migrant from Gambia to Italy, but it is also an attempt to recount the courage, the flight, the hope of all migrants. The music paints arid and desert landscapes, inspired by desert blues, the traditional music of the nomadic Tuareg people, but also Mediterranean music, sustained by a sense of suspension, expectation, fatigue and hope.
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