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ELECTRIC MOON - THEORY OF MIND - 2LP (Worst Bassist Records)

Product code: PS0127
“It carries the listener in a pulsating and hypnotic manner to the place where the moon sprays its electric sparks: Into the endless cosmos of psychedelic music”
That sentence from the press release sums it up : 5 on the Purple Haze level is way too low for this record.
It was recorded live in February 2014 at the Kosmodrom in Heidelberg, Germany and the people there were lucky to witness such a pure psychedelic experience. Electric Moon is one of the best bands in the heavy psych scene, they feature Sula Bassana on guitar, Komet Lulu on bass (she does the artwork for the band too), and Marcus Schnitzler on drums.These 4 tracks (between 14 and 19 minutes each) build up slowly, being very jammy but coherent at the same time. Lulu and Marcus are giving just the right amount of groove to let Sula do his magic on the guitar. Every track has its kind of flavour, with “The Picture” starting a little more doom-ish before kicking in a acid trip, or the last track, “Aerosoul” being more atmospheric to gently come back to earth after this amazing journey through the stars.

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