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Product code: PS0179 (SERB0000097 / Bcode 2090505072792)
LP Black Vinyl
(SERB0000097 / Bcode  2090505072792)
Apollo80 are doing it again! After the striking debut in 2019 the Western Australian trio is back with another chapter of heavy-riffing exploration in the low frequencies universe. The main ingredients for the space cake are unchanged, but this work explores a darker space with an extended use of drone atmospheres, groovy tempos and sporadic synth and vocal inserts. 'Beautiful, Beautiful Desolation' is the title of their first full-length and is promising to please the fans of Melvins, Earth, Toner Low and whoever aims to soak their brain in a bath of distorted frequencies. While the intro seems to continue the space-rock voyage of their previous EP, the opening riff clears immediately the path for a heavier trip that reaches the deepest point with the feedbacks and drones of the Earth-ian 'Like Men Gone At Sea'. Side B is a surprise again and introduces synth layers and distorted vocals that are totally new for the Perth trio, but then they close with what they do best. '90s-inspired slow riffs and a long psychedelic interlude of the banger 'Lungbeers' carry the listener to the end of this 40+ mins work that is brought on the streets by the joined efforts of Sound Effect Records and Kozmik Artifactz.

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